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Adames, Angel F., MS, 2013, "The Global Scale Structure of the MJO," (Patoux, Wallace)


Berry, Sara, MS, 2018, "The Life Cycle and Net Radiatice Effect of Extended Anvil Clouds," (Hartmann)


Conrick, Robert, MS, 2018, "An Evaluation of Simulated Microphysics over Terrain during the OLYMPEX Field Campaign," (Mass)


Diamond, Michael, MS, 2018, "Nd or not Nd? To what extent are biomass burning aerosols modulating cloud microphysics in the southeast Atlantic?," (Wood)

Dixon, Kenneth, MS, 2014, "Assimilation of Lighting data by Nudging Tropospheric Water Vapor and Applications to Numerical Forecast of Convective Events," (Mass)


Eastman, Ryan, MS, 2009, "Interannual variations of Arctic cloud types in relation to sea ice," (Warren)


Goldberger, Lexie, MS, 2017, "Reactive Nitrogen Multiphase Chemistry and Chlorine Activation on Authentic Biomass Burning Aerosol," (Thornton)

Goldenson, Naomi, MS, 2012, "Arctic Climate Response to Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow and Sea Ice in the Community Earth System Mode," (Bitz)


Harris, Lucas M., MS, 2006, "The Effect of Directional Wind Shear and Evolving Synoptic-Scale Flow on Vortex Shedding,"(Durran)

Harrop, Bryce E, MS, 2011, "Testing the role of radiation in determining tropical cloud top temperature," (Hartmann)


Lague, Marysa, MS, 2016, "Progressive Mid-Latitude Afforestation: Local and Remote Climate impacts in the Framework of Two Coupled Earth System Models," (Swann)

Lapo, Karl, MS, 2014, "Understanding How Uncertainty in the Forcing Irradiances Impacts Simulations of Snow," (Lundquist)

Lopez, Mario A., MS, 2007, "Convective Cloud Distribution in a Cloud Resolving Model," (Hartmann)


Maroon, Elizabeth A., MS, 2013, "The Location of Tropical Precipitation in Idealized Atmospheric General Circulation Models Forced with Andes Topography and Surface Heat Fluxes," (Battisti, Frierson)

McCormick, Hafen S., MS, 2009, "Observations and Modeling of Snow over the Washington Cascades," (Stoelinga)

McCoy, Isabel, MS, 2017, "Meteorological Controls on Open and Closed Mesoscale Cellular Convection Associated wth Marine Cold Air Outbreaks," (Wood)

McGibbon, Jeremy, MS, 2017, "Skiill of Ship-Following Large-Eddy Simulations in Reproducing Magic Obeservations Across the Northeast Pacific Stratosumulus to Cumulus Transition Region," (Bretherton)

McNicholas, Conor, MS, 2017, "Advanced Approaches for the Collection Quality Control, and Bias Correction of Smartphone Pressure Observatios and Their Application in Numerical Weather Prediction," (Mass)

Medina, Socorro, MS, 2002, "Air motions and precipitation growth in Alpine storms" (Houze)

Metz, Johnathan, MS, 2018, "Higher Order Trapped Lee Waves in the Stratosphere," (Durran)

Mohrmann, Johannes, MS, 2016, "Investigating Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Budgets and Variability," (Wood)


Navarro, Erica L., MS, 2013, "Estimating the Response of Mid-Latitude Orographic Precipitation to Global Warming," (Durran)


O, Kuan-Ting, MS, 2017, "Ultraclean layers and optically thin clouds in the stratocumulus to cumulus transition: depletion of cloud droplets and cloud condensation nuclei through collision-coalescence," (Wood)

Ordonez, Ana, MS, 2016, "Ice-Atmosphere Interactions and Sea Ice Predictability at Multiple Resolutions in the Community Earth System Model," (Bitz)


Picard, Lee, MS, 2015, "The Sensitivity of Orographic Precipitation to Flow Direction: An Idealized Modeling Approach," (Mass)

Po-Chedley, Stephen, MS, 2012, "Reconciling tropospheric temperature trends from the microwave sounding unit," (Fu)


Quetin, Greg, MS, 2015, "Empirically Derived Sensitivity of Vegetation to Climate Across the Globe," (Swann)


Ray, Brandon, MS, 2016, "Understanding the Limits of the Seasonal Prediction of Sea Ice in the Arctic," (Bitz)

Reidmiller, David , MS, 2005, "Aerosol Optical Properties and Particle Size Distributions on the East Coast of the United States as Derived from Airborne In Situ and MISR Remote Sensing Measurements ," (Hobbs)

Reinecke, Patrick A., MS, 2005, "Topographic Blocking in Flows with Non-Uniform Upstream Static-Stability Profiles ," (Durran)

Robinson, John, MS, 2018, "Climate driven changes in nirate deposition and preservation over the west Antarctic Ice Sheet," (Alexander)

Robinson, Steven S., MS, 2007, "Improvements to the cirrus radiative properties parameterization in the Fu-Liou Radiation Model and an evaluation of its dependence on ice crystal shape," (Fu)

Rushley, Stephanie, MS, 2017, "Examining Changes to the Madden-Julian Oscillation in a warmer climate using CMIP5 models," (Kim)

Russotto, Rick, MS, 2015, "The Effects of Ice Crystal Shape on the Evolution of Optically Thin Cirrus Clouds in the Tropics," (Ackerman)


Scheff Jacob S., MS, 2011, "CMIP3 21st century robust subtropical precipitation declines are mostly mid-latitude shifts," (Frierson)

Shi, Xiaoming, MS, 2013, "Storm-Centered Ensemble Data Assimilation for Tropical Cyclones," (Hakim)

Smoliak, Brian V., MS, 2009, "A Eurasian Pattern of Northern Hemisphere Wintertime Sea Level Pressure Variability," (Wallace)

Spevacek, Ashly, MS, 2017, "Dependence of tropical precipitation on changes in cross-equatorial atmosphere and ocean heat transport in global warming simulations," (Frierson)


Tetreault-Pinard, Etienne, MS, 2013, "Linking Soil Moisture and Summertime Surface Temperature Variability," (Battisti)

Tseng, Hsiu-Hui, MS, 2017, "Tropical tropopause layer currus and its relation to tropopause," (Fu)


Virts, Katrina S., MS, 2009, "Cirrus in the Tropical Tropopause Transition Layer: Formation Mechanisms and Influence of the Local and Planetary-Scale Environment," (Wallace)

Vonich, Peter, MS, 2017, "Hurricane kinetic energy spectra from in situ aircraft observations," (Hakim)


Warner, Michael D, MS, 2010, "Wintertime Extreme Precipitation Events along the Pacific Northwest Coast: Climatology and Synoptic Evolution," (Mass)

Wedam, Garrett B., MS, 2008, "Measuring Skill of Numerical Weather Prediction," (Mass/McMurdie)

Weyn-Vanhentenryck, MS, 2017, "Predictability of Idealized Deep Convection: Influence of Error Scale and Amplitude in Various Environments," (Durran)

Woelfle, Matthew, MS, 2015, "An Investigation of the Time Scales of Development of the Double-ITCZ Bias," (Bretherton)

Wolcott, Reid A, MS, 2010, "A Case Study of Doppler Radar Radial Velocity Assimilation with an Ensemble Kalman Filter," (Hakim/Mass)


Yatavelli, LaxmiNarasimha R., MS, 2008, "Particulate Organic Matter: Molecular Composition and Processing Studies with a Novel Impaction-Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry Method," (Thornton)


Zatko, Maria, MS, 2012, "The influence of snow grain size and impurities on the vertical profiles of actinic flux and NOx emissions on the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets," (Alexander)

Zelinka, Mark D., MS, 2007 "Evolution of Humidity and Clouds in Association with Tropical Deep Convection," (Hartmann)

Zhao, Wei, MS, 2017, "The Diurnal Cycle of Clouds and Precipitation at the ARM SGP Site," (Marchand)