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Barsugli, Joseph J., PhD, 1995, "Idealized Models of Intrinsic Midlatitude Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction," (Hartmann)

Bitz, Cecilia M., PhD, 1997, "A Model Study of Natural Variability in the Arctic Climate," (Battisti)


Dima, Ioana M., PhD, 2005, "An Observational Study of the Tropical Tropospheric Circulation," (Wallace)


Eckel, Tony, PhD, 2003, "Effective Mesoscale, Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting," (Mass)

Elleman, Robert A., PhD, 2007, "Aerosol Size Distribution Modeling for the Pacific Northwest," (Covert)


Fischer, Emily V., PhD, 2010, "Importing ozone precursors and aerosols to the North American free troposphere: An analysis of peroxyacetyl nitrate and aerosol observations at Mount Bachelor," (Jaffe)



Harris, Lucas M., PhD, 2010, "On the Relative Performance of One-way and Two-way Grid Nesting," (Durran)


Kubar, Terence L., PhD, 2008, "Cloud Structure, Microphysics, and Precipitation in Tropical Clouds Inferred From Satellite Data," (Hartmann)


Magi, Brian I., PhD, 2006, "Optical Properties and Radiative Forcing of Southern African Biomass Burning Optical Properties and Radiative Forcing of Southern African Biomass Burning Aerosol," (Fu)

Medina-Valles, Maria-del-Socorro, PhD, 2005, "Orographic enhancement of mid-latitude cyclone precipitation," (Houze)

Mullendore, Gretchen L., PhD, 2003, "Cross-tropopause tracer transport in midlatitude convection," (Holton/Durran)


Norris, Joel R., PhD, 1997, "Interannual variability in cloudiness, sea surface temperature, and atmospheric circulation over the midlatitude North Pacific during summer," (Leovy)


Patoux, Jérôme, PhD, 2003, "Frontal wave development over the Southern Ocean," (Brown)


Quadrelli, Roberta, PhD, 2004, "Patterns of climate variability of the Northern Hemisphere wintertime circulation," (Wallace)


Reinecke, Patrick A. , PhD, 2008, "Mountain Waves and Downslope Winds: Forecasts, Predictability, and Data Assimilation ," (Durran)

Rigor, Ignatius G., PhD, 2005, "Interdecadal Variations in Arctic Sea ice," (Wallace)

Roberts, William H., PhD, 2007, "An Investigation into the Causes for the Reduction in the Variability of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the Early Holocene in a Global Climate Model," (Battisti)


Torn, Ryan D., PhD, 2007, "Using Ensemble Data Assimilation for Predictability and Dynamics," (Hakim)


Yang, Ming-Jen, PhD, 1995, "A nonhydrostatic modeling analysis of an intense midlatitude squall line," (Houze)

Yatavelli, LaxmiNarasimha Reddy, PhD, 2011, "Towards a Molecular-level Understanding of Organic Aerosol Composition" (Thornton)

Yin, Jeff H., PhD, 2002, "The Peculiar Behavior of Baroclinic Waves During the Midwinter Suppression of the Pacific Storm Track," (Battisti)


Zelinka, Mark D., PhD, 2010, "Towards an Improved Understanding of Cloud Feedbacks and Changes in Poleward Energy Transport Associated with Global Warming," (Hartmann)