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McClure, Crystal, PhD, 2018, "Impacts of Biomass Burning on Ozone, Particulate Matter and Carbon Dioxide in the Northwest U.S." (Jaffe)

Russotto, Rick, PhD, 2018, "Responses of the Climate System to Opposing Solar and CO2 Forcings" (Ackerman)

Shah, Viral, PhD, 2018, "Sources, chemistry, and transport of urban aerosols and oxidized mercury: An analysis combining aircraft and surface observationswith a chemical transport model" (Jaegle)


Baylon, Pao, PhD, 2017, "Impact of Stratospheric Intrusions, Regional Wildfires, and Long-Range Transport Events on Air Quality in the Western United States" (Jaffe)

Chen, Qianjie, PhD, 2017, "Modeling and observational constraints on troposhperic sulfur-halogen interactions" (Alexander)

Dang, Cheng, PhD, 2017, "Effect of Snow Grain Shape and Impurities on Snow Albedo and its Parameterization: China North America, and the Arctic" (Warren)

DeHart, Jennifer, PhD, 2017, "Orographic modification of precipitation processes in a tropical cyclone moving over a continental mountanin range" (Houze)

Goldenson, Naomi, PhD, 2017, "Quantifying the Influence of Dynamis Across Scales on Regional Climate Uncertainty in Western North America>" (Bitz)

Kohyama, Tsubasa, PhD, 2017, "Can the response to global warming be La Nina-like?" (Hartmann)

Quetin, Gregory, PhD, 2017, "Interactions of Vegetation and Climate: Remote Observations, Earth System Models, and the Amazon Forest" (Swann)


Adames, Angel F., PhD, 2016, "An Observational and Theoretical Study of the Structure and Propagation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation" (Kim, Wallace)

Barnes, Hannah C., PhD, 2016, "The Microphysical Structure of Mesoscale Convective Systems" (Houze)

Harrop, Bryce E., PhD, 2016, "On the Nature of the Atmospheric Cloud Radiative Effect and its Impact on Tropical Convection" (Hartmann)

Hillman, Benjamin R, PhD, 2016, "Reducing Errors in Simulated Satellite Views of Clouds From Large-Scale Models" (Ackerman, Marchand)

Navarro, Erika L., PhD, 2016, "Idealized Numerical Modeling Experiments of the Diurnal Cycle of Tropical Cyclones" (Hakim)

Po-Chedley, Steven D., PhD, 2016, "On the structure of atmospheric warming in models and observations: Implications for the lapse rate feedback" (Fu)


Brewer, Matthew, PhD, 2015, "Warm-Season Diurnal Circulations and Heat Extremes Over the Northwest U.S." (Mass)

Ceppi, Paulo, PhD, 2015, "Interactions Between Clouds an Atmospheric Circulation in the Extratropics" (Hartmann)

Shi, Xiaoming, PhD, 2015, "Studies of Climate Dynamics with Innovative Global-Model Simulations" (Durran)


Evans, Stuart, PhD, 2014, "Atmospheric Classification as Cloud and Precipitation Evaluation Tool in Models and Observations" (Ackerman)

Scheff, Jacob, PhD, 2014, "Understanding the Response of Precipitation Evaporative Demand, and Terrestrial Water Availability to Planetary Temperature in Climate Models" (Frierson)

Terai, Christopher R., PhD, 2014, "Using Vocals Rex C-130 Aircraft Measurements to Understand Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in Marine Stratocumulus" (Wood)

Thorsen, Tyler J., PhD, 2014, "Observations of Tropical Cirrus by Elastic Backscatter Lidars and the Development of a Cloud and Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm for Raman Lidars" (Fu)

Warner, Michael D., PhD, 2014, "Winter Extreme Precipitation Along the North American West Coast" (Mass)

Widger, Nicole L., PhD, 2014, "Influence of Baseline Air Masses and Wildland Fires on Air Quality in Western United States" (Jaffe)


Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, Edward, PhD, 2013, "On the Predictability of Sea Ice" (Bitz)

Di Pierro, Maurizio, PhD, 2013, "Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Artic Aerosols: New Insights from the Calipso Satellite" (Jaegle)

Fletcher, Jennifer, PhD, 2013, "Improving Subtropical Boundary-Layer Cloudiness in the NCEP-GFS" (Bretherton)

Hwang, Yen-Ting, PhD, 2013, "The Energetic Constraints on the Zonal Mean Atmospheric Circulations in the Tropics, Midlatitudes, and High Latitudes" (Frierson)

Lin, Pu, PhD, 2013, "Understanding Changes in the Stratospheric Circulation from Observations and Simulations" (Fu)

McCusker, Kelly E., PhD, 2013, "Investigations of he Climate System Response to Engineering in a Hierarchy of Models" (Battisti)

Pendergrass, Angeline G., PhD, 2013, "The Atmospheric Energy Constraint on Precipitation Change" (Hartmann)

Smoliak, Brian V., PhD, 2013, "Detection and Attribution of Global Surface Air Temperature Change in the Instrumental Record" (Wallace)

Sofen, Eric D., PhD, 2013, "Isotopic Investigation of Anthropogenic- and Climate-Driven Changes in Sulfate and Nitrate Aerosol Production" (Alexander)


Didlake, Anthony C., Jr., PhD, 2012, "An Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of Inner Core Precipitation Features in a Tropical Cyclone" (Houze)

Dinh, Tra Phuong., PhD, 2012, "Cirrus and Water Vapor Transport in the Tropical Tropopause Layer" (Durran)

Hezel, Paul J., PhD, 2012, "The Influence of Sea Ice on Antarctic Ice Core Sulfur Chemistry and on the Future Evolution of Arctic Snow Depth: Investigations Using Global Models" (Bitz, Alexander)

Leahy, Louise V., PhD, 2012, "On the Nature and Extent of Optically-Thin Clouds over Land and Ocean" (Wood)

Virts, Katrina S., PhD, 2012, "Towards a Molecular-level Understanding of Organic Aerosol Composition" (Wallace)


Yatavelli, LaxmiNarasimha Reddy, PhD, 2011, "Analysis of New Observational Datasets Relating to the Organization and Dynamical Impacts of Tropical Convection" (Thornton)


Fischer, Emily V., PhD, 2010, "Importing ozone precursors and aerosols to the North American free troposphere: An analysis of peroxyacetyl nitrate and aerosol observations at Mount Bachelor," (Jaffe)

Harris, Lucas M., PhD, 2010, "On the Relative Performance of One-way and Two-way Grid Nesting," (Durran)

Zelinka, Mark D., PhD, 2010, "Towards an Improved Understanding of Cloud Feedbacks and Changes in Poleward Energy Transport Associated with Global Warming," (Hartmann)


Kubar, Terence L., PhD, 2008, "Cloud Structure, Microphysics, and Precipitation in Tropical Clouds Inferred From Satellite Data," (Hartmann)

Reinecke, Patrick A. , PhD, 2008, "Mountain Waves and Downslope Winds: Forecasts, Predictability, and Data Assimilation ," (Durran)


Elleman, Robert A., PhD, 2007, "Aerosol Size Distribution Modeling for the Pacific Northwest," (Covert)

Roberts, William H., PhD, 2007, "An Investigation into the Causes for the Reduction in the Variability of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the Early Holocene in a Global Climate Model," (Battisti)

Torn, Ryan D., PhD, 2007, "Using Ensemble Data Assimilation for Predictability and Dynamics," (Hakim)


Magi, Brian I., PhD, 2006, "Optical Properties and Radiative Forcing of Southern African Biomass Burning Optical Properties and Radiative Forcing of Southern African Biomass Burning Aerosol," (Fu)


Dima, Ioana M., PhD, 2005, "An Observational Study of the Tropical Tropospheric Circulation," (Wallace)

Medina-Valles, Maria-del-Socorro, PhD, 2005, "Orographic enhancement of mid-latitude cyclone precipitation," (Houze)

Rigor, Ignatius G., PhD, 2005, "Interdecadal Variations in Arctic Sea ice," (Wallace)


Quadrelli, Roberta, PhD, 2004, "Patterns of climate variability of the Northern Hemisphere wintertime circulation," (Wallace)


Eckel, Tony, PhD, 2003, "Effective Mesoscale, Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting," (Mass)

Mullendore, Gretchen L., PhD, 2003, "Cross-tropopause tracer transport in midlatitude convection," (Holton/Durran)

Patoux, Jérôme, PhD, 2003, "Frontal wave development over the Southern Ocean," (Brown)


Yin, Jeff H., PhD, 2002, "The Peculiar Behavior of Baroclinic Waves During the Midwinter Suppression of the Pacific Storm Track," (Battisti)


Bitz, Cecilia M., PhD, 1997, "A Model Study of Natural Variability in the Arctic Climate," (Battisti)

Norris, Joel R., PhD, 1997, "Interannual variability in cloudiness, sea surface temperature, and atmospheric circulation over the midlatitude North Pacific during summer," (Leovy)


Barsugli, Joseph J., PhD, 1995, "Idealized Models of Intrinsic Midlatitude Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction," (Hartmann)

Yang, Ming-Jen, PhD, 1995, "A nonhydrostatic modeling analysis of an intense midlatitude squall line," (Houze)