4th Floor Lounge Library - Book Collection - Science - organized by title


Analytical Methods in Planetary Boundary-Layer Modelling
Robert A. Brown, 1974

Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics v.20
Eds. Geoffrey Burbidge, David Layzer, and John G. Phillips, 1982

Applied General Statistics
Frederick E. Croxton and Dudley J. Cowden, 1939

Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction
Eric B. Kraus and Joost A. Businger, 1994

Atmospheres  A view of the Gaseous Envelopes Surrounding Members of our Solar System
James P. Barbato and Elizabeth A. Ayer, 1981

Atmospheric Chemistry  Fundamental Aspects
Erno'' Me'sza'ros, 1981

Atmospheric Circulation Systems
E. Palmen, C. W. Newton, 1969

Atmospheric Convection
Kerry A. Emanuel, 1994

Atmospheric Ozone
Ed. C. S. Zerefos and A. Ghazi, 1985

Atmospheric Radiation  I Theoretical Basis
R. M. Goody, 1964

Atmospheric Science  An Introductory Survey
John M. Wallace and Peter V. Hobbs, 1977

Basic Physical Chemistry for the Atmospheric Sciences  1st Edition
Peter V. Hobbs, 1995

Basic Physical Chemistry for the Atmospheric Sciences  2nd Edition
Peter V. Hobbs, 2000

On Being a Scientist
NAS, 1989

The Boundary Layer Wind Regime of a Representative Tropical African Region, Central Sudan
Eiman Hassan Abu Bakr, 1988

Calculus and Analytic Geometry
George B. Thomas Jr., 1972

Chemistry of the Natural Atmosphere
Peter Warneck, 1988

Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis
Ed. John T. Houghton, IPCC, 2001

Climate Change Atlas
Ann Henderson-Sellers and Ann-Maree Hansen, 1995

Climate and Weather in the Tropics
Herbert Riehl, 1979

Climate Change, Dynamics, and Modelling
Eds. Zeng Qingcun, Li Chongyin, Zhang Zuojun, and Yuan Chongguang, 1990

Climate System Modeling
Ed. Kevin E. Trenberth, 1992

Complex Variables
Murray R. Spiegel, 1964

Computer-Aided Specification Techniques
Ja'nos Demetrovics, Eloed Knuth, Pe'ter Rado', 1985

Conference on Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles: Theory, Measurements, and Applications  Preprints
American Meteorological Society, 1998

Descriptive Physical Oceanography  An Introduction
George L. Pickard and William J. Emery, 1982

Differential Equations and their Applications
Martin Brown, 1983

Dynamic Meteorology
V. A. Belinskii, 1948

Dynamic Meteorology
Ed. P. Morel, 1973

The Earth's Ionosphere  Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics
Michael C. Kelley, 1989

The Earth's Magnetic Field  Its History, Origin, and Planetary Perspective
Ronald T. Merrill and Michael W. McElhinny, 1983

Eight-Place Table of Trigonometric Functions
Dr. J. Peters, 1939

Elementary Symbolic Logic
William Gustason and Dolph E. Ullrich, 1973

Engineering Fluid Mechanics
John A. Roberson and Clayton T. Crowe, 1985

Environmental Research in the Arctic 2000
Eds. Okitsugu Watanabe and Takashi Yamanouchi, 2001

Exploring the Atmosphere's First Mile
Eds. Heinz H. Lettau and Ben Davidson, 1957

Extratropical Cyclones: The Erik Palme'n Memorial Volume
Eds. Chester Newton and Eero O. Holopainen, 1990

Fluid Mechanics  2nd Edition
Pijush K. Kundu and Ira M. Cohen, 2002

Forces of Nature
Time-Life Books, 1990

General Circulation Model Development  Past, Present, and Future
Ed. David A. Randall, 2000

Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Eds. Samuel S. Butcher, Robert J. Charlson, Gordon H. Orians, and Gordon V. Wolfe, 1992

Global Changes of the Past
Ed. Raymond S. Bradley, 1989

The Global Climate
Ed. John T. Houghton, 1984

Global Environmental Change: Interactions of Science, Policy and Politics in the US
R. G. Fleagle, 1994

Global Physical Climatology
Dennis L. Hartmann, 1994

Glossary of Meteorology  1st Edition
Ed. Ralph E. Huschke, 1959

Glossary of Meteorology  2nd Edition
American Meteorological Society, 2000

Graduate Programs in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment and Natural Resources

A Guide for Operational Meteorological Research
NWS, NSSL, ERL, and NESDIS, 1988

Handbook of Geophysics for Air Force Designers
United States Air Force, 1957

Handbook of Mathematical Functions
Eds. Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stogun, 1965

Hard Green: Saving the Environment from Environmentalists
Peter Huber, 1999

Impacts of Climate Varaibility and Change in the Pacific Northwest
Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean / School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, 1999

An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Businger, 1963

An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation  2nd Edition

An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology
Roland B. Stull, 1988

Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology  2nd Edition
James R. Holton, 1979

Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology  3rd Edition
James R. Holton, 1992

Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology  4th Edition
James R. Holton, 2004

An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
G. K. Batchelor, 1985

Introduction to Hydrometeorology
J. P. Bruce and R. H. Clark, 1966

Introduction to Micrometeorology
S. Pal Arya, 1988

Introduction to the Statistical Dynamics of Automatic Control Systems
V. V. Solodovnikov, 1960

Large-scale Dynamical Processes in the Atmosphere
Eds. Brian J. Hoskins and Robert P. Pearce, 1983

LATEX  A Document Preparation System
Leslie Lamport, 1986

Leaders in American Science
Ed. Robert C. Cook, 1958

Learning to Predict Climate Variations Associated with El Nin~o and the Southern Oscillation
National Research Council, 1996

Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering
Sokolnikoff and Redherfer, 1958

The Master of Light  A Biography of Albert A. Michelson
Dorothy Michelson Livingston, 1973

Meso-scale Atmospheric Circulations
B. W. Atkinson, 1981

Mesoscale Meteorology and Forecasting
Ed. Peter S. Ray, 1986

Microphysics of Clouds and Precipitation
Hans R. Pruppacher and James D. Klett, 1978

The Mid-Oceanic Ridge  A Dynamic Global System
Ocean Studies Board of the National Research Council, 1988

Modeling the Earth System
Ed. Dennis Ojimo, 1992

Naturalist Guide to the Americas
Victor Shelford, 1926

National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1990

Numerical Methods for Wave Equations in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Dale R. Durran, 1999

Numerical Models of Oceans and Oceanic Processes
Lakshmi H. Kantha and Carol Anne Clayson, 2000

Numerical Prediction and Dynamic Meteorology
George J. Haltiner and Roger Terry Williams, 1980

Numerical Recipes in FORTRAN  The Art of Scientific Computing
William H. Press, William T. Vetterling, Saul A. Teukolsky, and Brian P. Flannery, 1992

The Ocean Characteristics and their Changes
Ed. V. S. Kothekar, 1991

Ocean Circulation and Climate  Observing and Modelling the Global Ocean
Eds. Gerold Siedler, John Church, and John Gould, 2001

Oceanography from Space
Ed. J. F. R. Gower, 1981

Over our Heads  A Local Look at Global Climate
John C. Ryan, 1997

Perturbation Methods in Applied Mathematics
J. Kevorkian and J. D. Cole, 1981

Physical Climatology
Helmut Landsberg, 1958

Physical Climatology
William D. Sellers, 1965

The Physics of Atmospheres
John T. Houghton, 1977

The Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System  2nd Edition
John S. Lewis, 2004

The Physics of Clouds
B. J. Mason, 1971

Polar Oceanography  Part A Physical Science
Walker O. Smith Jr., 1990

Precision Measurement and Calibration - Optics, Meteorology and Radiation
National Bureau of Standards Handbook 77 - Vol III, 1961

Predictability of Fluid Motions
Eds. Greg Holloway and Bruce J. West, 1984

Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean
Thomas and Stamnes, 1999

Remembering Walt Roberts
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 1991

Remote Sensing of the Environment  An Earth Resource Perspective
John R. Jensen, 2000

Remote Sensing of the Pacific Ocean by Satellites
Ed. Robert A. Brown, 1998

Robust Statistics  The Approach Based on Influence Functions
Frank R. Hampel, Elvezio M. Ronchetti, Peter J. Rousseeuw, and Werner A. Stahel, 1986

Satellite Altimetry and Earth Sciences
Eds. Lee-Lueng Fu and Anny Cazenave, 2001

Satellites, Oceanography and Society
Ed. David Halpern, 2000

The Science and Wonders of the Atmosphere
Stanley David Gedzelman, 1980

Spectral Analysis and its Applications
Gwilyn M. Jenkins and Donald G. Watts, 1968

State of the World 1998
Eds. Lester R. Brown, Christopher Flavin, and Hilary French, 1998

Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology  2nd Ed.
Ed. J. C. Davis, 1986

Storm and Cloud Dynamics
William R. Cotton and Richard A. Anthes, 1989

Theory of Climate
Ed. Barry Saltzman, 1983

The TOGA Decade: Reviewing the Progress of El Nino Research and Prediction
Eds. D. T. L. Anderson, E. S. Sarachik, P. J. Webster and L. M Rothstein

J. O. Hinze, 1975

Understanding Climatic Change  A Program for Action
United States Committee for the Global Atmospheric Research Program, 1975

UNIX for VMS Users
Philip E. Bourne, 1990

The Upper Atmosphere
Sisir K. Mitra, 1952

Using the IBM Personal Computer: WordStar
C. J. Puotinen, 1983

Weather Analysis and Forecasting
Sverre Petterssen, 1956