4th Floor Lounge Library - A Brief History

~4.6 billion years ago - Earth speculated to have formed by accretion of material from the solar nebula

~65 million years ago - The extinction of the dinosaurs opens the door for the age of mammals, the Cenozoic Era

3500-2700 BCE - The Sumerians are believed to have developed the first writing system and established temple, private, and governmental libraries.

November 4, 1861 - University of Washington first opened

1947 - UW Department of Meteorology and Climatology established

1967-8 - Department takes up residence in its current home, the ATG building

sometime between 1967 & 1998 - Location of the "lounge" is changed from ATG 311 to ATG 400

spring 2000 - Additional electrical circuits routed through lounge thus permitting simultaneous use of multiple appliances


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